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We have a responsibility. To the environment, to society and to the planet.

We want to be sustainable. We feel a responsibility towards the use of natural resources, but also towards our employees, our customers and society as a whole. Our efforts are accompanied by a number of certifications that showcase how we work, innovate and invest. We do not forget about leisure and relaxation time, which are important for the personal development of our employees.

Svoboda Press a responsible partner



"Svoboda Press continues a tradition of more than 70 years of print products, but also wants to become a messenger of modern trends. It is important to discuss the topics of environmental and social sustainability with our employees as well as with our suppliers and partners."



"We believe in work-life balance, support employee training and advocate transparent communication and predictable actions in HR policy."



"Sustainability is a key value for us that differentiates us from our competitors and increases our attractiveness to customers and business partners."



"Customers are our key partners, whose trust and long-standing partnerships enable Svoboda Press to achieve its ambitious goals."


Our eco certifications

FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) FSC-C102036

promotes environmentally, socially, and economically responsible management of the world's forests. FSC chain of custody certification enables both companies and consumers to trace the origin of the raw material used in the product manufactured and make responsible purchases.

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PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) PEFC/08-33-0006

is a global scheme that promotes environmentally, socially and economically sustainable forest management for the sake of present and future generations.

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The EU Ecolabel

is the official ecolabel of the European Union. They must meet strict requirements for environmental protection, quality and functionality. These requirements are constantly being updated and tightened up to improve the protection of environment.

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Blauer Engel

is the oldest eco certification on the world. It was founded in 1978 in Germany. The eco label Blue Angel is for products and services, which are completely considerate to the environment, and which complying with high standards of the Blue Angel ecolabeling.

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ISO 14001

is an internationally recognised standard for environmental management systems.

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ISO 50001

is an international standard for energy management systems.

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ISO 12647-2

Svoboda Press has modern printing presses that are designed to minimise material waste with inline control systems and special care taken by our staff. By consistently applying PSO ISO 12647 we ensure not only high print quality but also a low rate of wastage.

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The future is important to us. We want to print for you, and we want to pass on to the next generation an environment in which it will be possible to live with the feeling that it is meaningful to do and create something.

Under the acronym E (nvironment) S (ocial) G (overnance) we see opportunities, risks and possibilities for development. We set a strategy to reduce the impact of our production on the environment and our planet. We choose suppliers with the same mindset.

We meet the requirements imposed by legislation on modern companies through certifications.

For more information, please see our certification section.

Carbon footprint

We are monitoring our carbon footprint, which we declare through a certificate.



Neutral Printing.

Our main target for future achieves carbon neutrality. We are currently working on strategy, how to be neutral. We are continually improving ourselves; inventing energy saving solution, looking for protentional in our supply chain. We can facilitate offset projects for climate neutral printing for our customers through our partner Preferred by Nature. Each project is unique and certified.



Today, recycled paper is almost as white as virgin fibre paper and is suitable for almost every application. This protects our forests because no trees have to be felled. In terms of life cycle analysis, the benefits of recycled paper are partly debatable. It is also more expensive than virgin fibre paper. We offer both alternatives to our customers and are happy to explain everything and find the ideal solution. The final decision is then up to the customer.



There are already eco-friendly inks for heatset printing on the market that contain minimal mineral oils and no aromatics. These paints are a bit more expensive to work with. We also offer this alternative to our customers so that they can make a decision with an awareness of the context.



we work with DHL on international transport and through GoGreen project we are reducing our emissions from this segment.


Whistleblowing is an essential part of a modern business.


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