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Svoboda Press s.r.o. focuses on long run web offset printing.

We print mainly magazines and advertising printed materials, e.g. catalogues or leaflets. Printed materials can be folded or continuously cut, stitched, glued or cased in a cover.

Web printing


The predominant technology in the company is heat-set web offset. For printing of our products we use 5 web printmachines and the existing machinery is constantly being modernized.

Saddle stitching:


For saddle stitching there are three Müller Martini machines available in Svoboda Press s.r.o., where up to nine sections plus cover can be gathered, and stitched by up to four wires. A supplement can be glued in.

Perfect binding


For perfect binding there is a Müller Martini Trendbinder. The machine is able to bind printed materials with the spine width from 3 up to 60 mm. Into these copies can be inserted supplements up to the weight of 120 g and 10 mm strength, e.g. CD carriers.



Svoboda Press is equipped with the system CTP KODAK. Data is accepted in the PDF form, possibly also with proofs and dummies. The client can approve the ripped data on screen – via electronic preview “impo2go” or “pdf2go” or via the Web interface Kodak InSite.



An important step after every processing! All our products as brochures, leaflets, catalogues or magazines can be wrapped into a foil, strapped, put in cartons.

Storage and logistics


We ensure delivery of our production to places determined by our customers, throughout the Czech Republic and other EU countries as well as outside the EU.

Complete technology

The most modern machine equipment


The web offset technology offers maximum performance and quality. Our machines are from the supplier manroland Goss.
Lithoman IV 64
2 x Lithoman IV 48
Rotoman N 16
Rotoman 50 16
Lithoman III 32


Müller Martini Tempo

min. 125x200 mm
Number of sections: 8 + cover + gluing in
Accessories: triple cut, stitching with from 1 to 3 wires

Müller Martini 300

min. 105x115 mm
max. 325x480 mm
Number of sections: up to 9 + cover + gluing in
Accessories: triple cut

Müller Martini Prima

min. 105x115 mm
max. 325x480 mm
Number of sections: up to 9 + cover + gluing in
Accessories: triple cut, 5-knife-cut (2up), possibility of loops

Müller Martini Trendbinder

min. 100x140 mm
max. 320x480 mm
Number of sections: up to 24 + cover
Accessories: triple cut, insertion


speed and accuracy

Data for print can be sent to us both in electronic and physical form which will then be transferred into digital form. Before the very print you can perform a final approval. On request, we will make high-resolution colour proofs, so that you can make sure that the printed colours are according to your requirement.

Kodak Prinergy (RIP PDF PrintEngine)

Exposure units
Kodak Magnus 5183 VLF
Kodak Trendsetter 5880 VLF
Kodak Trendsetter 800 Quantum

Preview plotters
Epson StylusPro 11880
Canon 9400s

Digital proof
GMG ColorProof + Epson StylusPro 4880
GMG ColorProof + Epson StylusPro 5000

Data transfer, communication and approval via the internet
Kodak InSite
FTP server SVOBODA Press s.r.o.

Control software
Oris Certified Proof
Mellow Colour PrintSpec
iQIP (Techkon plugin)

ISO 12647-2:2004


Final adjustment of your printed materials at the highest level Other machines and equipment.


Cutting machine (guillotine) Polar 137


Foil wrapping machine


Folding machine STAHL- combined size 70 x 100 cm

Your orders in hands of professionals!