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Data preparation

Pre-press (processing of customers’ data, sheet imposition) represents an essential part of the whole process. Our experts perfectly manage the software, hardware and printing technologies and thanks to that we deliver to you printed materials at the highest possible quality. Pre-press, printing and post-press are carried out completely at the premises in Praha 10- Malešice. Receipt of print data and all the pre-press operations are carried out in Svoboda Press on the level of data transmission.

Svoboda Press is equipped with the system CTP Kodak. Customers submit ready pages in PDF or PS format, possibly also colour proofs or content dummies (coloured or black-and-white). Printing plates are exposed by the thermal IR technology 830µm. Prior to the exposure, the content and the imposition are being checked with the help of large-size low-res colour plotters. Customers can execute this checking also themselves, using on screen proofs “impo2go” (imposed sections), “pdf2go” (individual pages) or Kodak InSite. On request, we can also make high-res colour proofs that will be used at the printing as contract proofs.

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Data preparation

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